Real live music is rare

Of course, the shoulders  are burdened by years of attending music schools or private teachers, and if an instrument and some playing skills are left in the house, then here it is – a balm for the ears of the household. But not everyone continues daily exercises on the instrument they love (and someone secretly hates) and, of course, a rare music school graduate improves his game later. Most often, the instrument quietly collects dust, becoming a piece of furniture, or even sold “in good hands”.

There comes a time of oblivion, even denial of this musical past, which is languidly stored in the nooks and crannies of memory, gradually being forced out by new candidates for new nooks and crannies. But those who “attended” still differ from those who “did not attend” music school. Even a premature primary or secondary musical education, or maybe not delivered by some insensitive, albeit very musical teacher, and therefore interrupted in the middle of the journey, like the last swim of the legendary division commander, no, no, and makes itself felt. Sometimes, without knowing why, we are in no hurry to switch the radio buttons in the car, suddenly hearing some kind of classic – either Tchaikovsky, or Prokofiev.

And here is something very familiar, so recognizable … ah, it seems from the Nutcracker ballet.

And we, once spoiled by such mediocre knowledge about it, unable to either turn off or figure out to the end what kind of music this sounded, we relaxedly release phantoms from the back streets, even remembering with some surprise: and after all, when I -something like that he (!) played, quite possibly, getting decent grades for it. And then somewhere it whines for a long time, why? from what? Well, the soul asks, asks for music. As real as it used to be, but it’s been too long to bring the performance to perfection, and you don’t want to, but is it necessary ?? It remains to listen to others. After all, in fact, it is not necessary to sew clothes yourself in order to dress, you can entrust it to others.
And so we surround ourselves with stereos and amplifiers to get closer to the eternal. But we notice that these technical perfections, which so realistically conveyed to us our beloved rock and, what a sin to hide, sweet pop music, do not convey to us those vibes that we yearned for so much, because we hopelessly spoiled by musical education. And this is where we can rashly make the second musical mistake of our life and, unlike the first, it can become fatal, crossing out love (and it lives in us no matter what!) for classical music.

What is the first?

Yes, of course, quit playing a musical instrument once you have learned, no matter at what level. But all this can be attributed to the mistakes of youth, to terrible employment, but you never know what else! But the second … the second can spoil a lot and not only to ourselves. The second lies in the sudden, and therefore careless selection of musical material for listening, when you so desire …
After a long break, when, weakened by modern music from car speakers, the ear is not yet able to catch subtle vibrations from live musical instruments, it is impossible to understand the difference between good and not too good sounding, it is simply impossible to listen to mediocre performers and / or visit halls, not adapted to the performance of classical music.

The first time, while we learn (remember as it should be) to listen and hear classical works, it is quite easy to protect ourselves from mediocre performers, simply by trusting well-known names. For example, if it is announced that Spivakov himself (Peter Falk, Kent Nagano, Rudolf Barshai) will conduct the orchestra, then the people from this orchestra will not play badly for you. Well, this is rude, of course, next to such names there will be the names of the most honored and outstanding musicians of our time, who have passed through the best schools and have won performers in various competitions.

In any case, when choosing tickets for the Concert, you need to approach this as seriously as when choosing vouchers for a resort, that is, study the notorious criticism and find out something about people who will delight your ears. You do not often, I think, go, feeling hungry, into the first dirty doorway, from which there is a smell of something like food. You go to a proven place – a restaurant where you yourself or your good friends have been. So don’t listen to something like playing music. Listen to those who want to perform it well, and not just get paid for the concert. And we also carefully choose the Hall in which we want to join the art. Yes, hall! A performer without good proper acoustics is a restaurant with a good cook without utensils and furniture. You won’t enjoy eating there.