How to find music from a video – continued

How to find music from a video on TikTok

We launch the application, find a video with as yet unknown music and click on the track name at the bottom of the screen. If everything is ok, you will see what the song is really called, but sometimes only the inscription “Original sound” is visible instead of the necessary information.

In this case, we recommend using the Shazam application and other alternative mobile phone software described above.

Another option is to use the TikTok search bar. Enter any words from the song into it and click on search. This method also gives good results.

How to find music from video on phone

If you need to not only find music, but also download it from YouTube, detailed instructions in this article: How to download music from YouTube? 9 proven ways.

8. How to find music from a video in Telegram
Song ID
Search for music from videos and stay connected to your favorite messenger. It is much easier and more convenient than it seems:

  • Find the SongID bot in the Telegram search and open a conversation with it.
  • Record a voice message with a snippet of an unknown tune.
  • Send a message, and in a few seconds the bot will send information about the track.

To make the bot work effectively the first time, use these recommendations:

  • Record and send voice messages up to 10 seconds long.
  • Try to write down the chorus in the voice message, and not the verse or the loss.
  • It is advisable to record a message at a low volume and so that there is a minimum of extraneous noise around.

Usually, Telegram bots are worse at recognizing music with poor audio quality. Often this happens if during playback you can hear not only the melody, but also conversations, the sound of passing cars, and the like. The bot may not work if the microphone did not do its job well.

The same bot recognizes music directly from the video. To do this, send him a message with a file up to 20Mb. But in practice, this is not so easy to do, because even poor quality videos usually weigh more.

The Acknow bot is not as popular as SongID, but it also does a pretty good job of finding music. For everything to work correctly, you must subscribe to the Bassmusic channel. The bot shows information about found melodies and songs along with links to music services.

9. A very simple method that almost no one knows about
When listening to audio or watching a video, type in the search engine the name of the audio file or video and add OST or “soundtrack” separated by a space. Most likely, links to the song or its name will appear in the search results.

10. How to find music from video via PC or laptop
Launch the AudioTag website, provide a link to a video with an unknown composition, or upload a video fragment. The developers recommend using videos lasting from 15 to 45 seconds, but the results will be even if you download the entire video.

Support for OGG, WAV and MP3 formats is provided. Switching to Russian with a single button. If the video is of low quality, the service will offer several options to choose from. According to the developers, the site is also adapted for working with videos of low quality.

Launch the free Tunatic desktop application. This software is suitable for Mac OS and Windows operating systems. Installation is extremely simple. After its completion, simply press the white button with the image of a magnifying glass when an unknown track is playing.

Tunatic will collect the necessary data and send it to the server for analysis. If the music is too poorly heard or the microphone does not work, the service will not recognize the melody. When the song is recognized, the song title and artist name will appear on the screen.