How to find music from a video

In this article, we will understand how to find music from a video, for example, while browsing Instagram, YouTube, and other popular sites. We will tell you how to find out the name of the video you like, and also list all the simplest and most affordable search options that are relevant today.

1. How to find music from video on Instagram

The easiest option is to look for the answer in the comments on the post or story you like. If the necessary information is not available, ask a question in the comments yourself or write to the author of the post in Direct, if possible.

2. How to find music from a video using Shazam

Go to the AppStore or Play Store, download the Shazam app. If you want the music search history to be saved, go through authorization. Click the “Library” button and then “Login”. Log in with Facebook or email.

If you chose mail, find the letter from the application in the mailbox. Open it, click the “Activate” button to get your account started working. In the pop-up window at the bottom, select Shazam and click the “Always” button.

Now start looking for music. As soon as the track plays, click the “Shazam” button. In the pop-up window, allow the app to record audio. For the next few seconds, Shazam “listens” to the music. If possible, move your phone closer to the playback source or turn up the volume.

After a few seconds, the track name and artist name will appear on the screen. Press the Play button to listen to the excerpt and make sure the app has found the correct song.

At the top are the menu tabs. With their help, it is convenient to read the lyrics of a song, watch a clip on it, listen to similar compositions or other tracks of a found artist.

Click on the button with three dots in the lower right corner to open the found song in Apple Music or the Play Store. And also share a song, remove it from the library or find out information about the artist.

All the music you are looking for is automatically saved to the library.

How to find music from video on Instagram

3. What to do if Shazam doesn’t recognize the track

Sometimes the app does not recognize music due to lack of Wi-Fi, 4G, or because the environment is too noisy. For example, if you are in the subway, shopping center, airport or train station. In this case, try using other Shazam-like apps.

Music ID
Not the most famous software, but it does its job well. The main plus is the minimum amount of advertising and a relatively small degree of its importunity. There is no support for the Russian language, but the English-language interface is convenient and intuitive.

Surround sound
Popular and free mobile application. Recognizes almost any melody in just a few seconds. The downside is quite a lot of ads. If you don’t want to pay money, you will have to waste your time and wait until the advertiser’s paid video ends.

The search principle is the same as Shazam. A large orange button is responsible for recognizing the melody. The search result is a link to the track on Google Play. Exiting SurroundSound is not very convenient – for this you will have to use two mobile devices at once.

Another proven alternative to Shazam. It recognizes not only tracks included on another playback source, but also the words of a song that a person sings in his own voice. Found compositions appear along with links to the authors in the Play Market application.

4. How to find music without apps

If you do not want to download one or more applications and take up the memory of your smartphone, use the built-in capabilities of iOS and Android.

Everything is extremely simple here. On the Android example, the algorithm looks like this:

  • Open the Google app.
  • Click the microphone in the search bar.
  • Bring your smartphone close to the video playback source.
  • The search results show the title of the song, the name of the artist, or their YouTube video.

If none of the above methods worked, try asking for help on thematic forums on the Internet or in public music lovers on social networks.

On such sites, requests to find a melody often find a lively response and after a while it turns out to dig up even the rarest track that is difficult to google or identify using the application.

Identify music from video

With Comfy you will find not only any music from the video, but also your lost phone. Read about the most reliable search methods here: How to find a phone using IMEI.

5. How to find music from video on smartphone

On Android
The Google Assistant application will help us with this, i.e. voice assistant. It is called by the central key at the bottom of the screen or by the phrase: “OK, Google”.

The voice assistant has a built-in ringtone recognition function. How it works? After activating Google Assistant, launch the video and give a voice command: “Recognize the song.” In a second, the track name and a link to resources where you can download or listen to it will appear in the search results.

The voice assistant recognizes the melody even if you turn on the break or any other section of the melody without a vocal part.

On some smartphones where the Google Voice function is not activated, you need to hold down the center key and the microphone in the search bar after it appears. After that, you can try to say any phrase from the video or the song you like, and the search robot will most likely show the desired video in the search results.

Activating Google Voice is quite simple if you follow these instructions:

Log in to the Google Admin console using a separate admin account*. Your current account will most likely not work.
*Resellers who sell gadgets on the Android OS usually have administrator account rights.

On the main page of the console, go to the “Applications” menu and select the “Additional Google Services” item.
Select and click on Google Voice.
The service is turned on and off by selecting the options “Enabled for everyone” or “Disabled for everyone”. Be sure to click “Save” after each change.
How to find out what music is playing in a video

Transferring settings and applications from one smartphone to another is a real disaster. Read our article on how to do it quickly, easily and without nerves: How to easily transfer your applications and settings data from your old smartphone to a new one.

On iOS
To find music from a video on iPhone, use the Siri voice assistant. Before starting the search, be sure to check the activation of the voice assistant function in the settings. To do this, go to the settings, in the Siri and search section, the sliders must be active:

  • listen to “Hey Siri”;
  • calling Siri with the Home button;
  • Siri with screen lock.

If everything is in order with the voice assistant, start the video with music and set the voice command. For example: “Siri, what’s playing now?”. As a result of the issuance, in the lower right corner there will be a link to the Shazam service. This is because Apple bought the service and uses it to recognize music through the voice assistant Siri.

Once again, briefly recall the search algorithm for iOS. We hold the Home button and ask Siri to recognize the melody that is playing right now. The main thing is that during the search there are no problems with Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.